Power and Peace :  "The Premier Santana Tribute Band"

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A Statement from Musical Director - Frank Collazo    

 When I was approached to do a Santana Tribute Show, I saw it as an opportunity and an honor to pay homage to one of my timeless inspirations, but I had to think and meditate on it before I made my decision.  Make no mistake there is only one Carlos Santana, I can only hope that I will bring respect and honor to the man and his music.      

I grew up listening to and emulating Santana music as a young guitarist.  Carlos is a very special musician and his influence on me as a guitarist and on so many others is undeniable.  My first band performed Santana hits like Evil Ways, Soul Sacrifice, and Samba Pa Ti, among others.  

Over the past 30 plus years I have studied with different teachers, taught guitar, gigged with various bands, and written and composed original songs.  I’ve played music from Funk to R&B to Gospel, but I never dreamed I would find myself back where I started with my roots in Santana's music. 

I know the only way to do this right is to re-dedicate myself to the music of Santana, capturing the magic and mystique that is the man, the myth and the music and can only be described as “Power & Peace”.    

Frank Collazo, Music Director - Power and Peace: The Premier Santana Tribute Band



Live Shots



  • Dele Yaleo (intro) 
  • Evil Way 
  • Smooth 
  • Hold on 
  • Corazon Espinado 
  • Europa 
  • Black Magic Woman 
  • Oye Como Va 
  • No One to Depend On 
  • Love of My Life 
  • Jingo 
  • Game of Love 
  • I’m Feeling You 
  • El Farol 
  • Soul Sacrifice 
  • Maria Maria 
  • Into the Night 
  • Se a Cabo 
  • Samba Pa T. 
  • Why Don’t You and I 
  • Every Body’s Everything


 Lead Guitarist (Frank) 

Rocktron Mainline 300-watt Rackmount Guitar Power Amp or mesa 50/50 or 290 
Two 1x12  8ohm Speaker Cabinets Loaded With Celestion G1265 Or Mc90 By Mesa Boogie with 2 Mics 
Boom Vocal Mic 

Main Drums (Lee) 

Yamaha drum kit  

--birch, maple, or stage custom 

--toms   8, 10, 14 

--bass drum. 22 x 18 

Yamaha hardware 

 --3  boom cymbal stands 

 --high hat stand 

--snare stand 

 --kick pedal 

--drum throne 

Snare and Cymbals (Musician may supply own  - verify) 
Boom Vocal Mic 
7 Drum Mics for above configuration 

Percussion - Tony 

LP or Toca Congas 3(Q, C, T), 1 Boom Mic 
Bongos – 1 Boom Mic 

Toy table and a cymbal stand 1 Boom Mic 

Drums (Annivar) 

·       DW 6000 Series Flush Base Lightweight Cymbal Stand (cymbal – may be supplied by musician, verify first) 

·       LP LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set with Mics 

·       LP MATADOR Bongos 

Boom Vocal Mic 

BASS electric (Josh) 

SVT3PRO bass head Ampeg 
Ampeg SVT – 410HLF  

KEYBOARD (Dave) (Only Hammond Allowed) 

Hammond SK-1, 76 or 88 key and dual stand 
QSC K10 or K12 Monitor 
Boom Mic 


Wireless Handheld Vocal Mic and Stand 

WILL NEED AND USE HOUSE LIGHT AND SOUND – Please submit for approval

For Booking, please contact: marketing@synapsepublishing.com

For Booking, please contact: marketing@synapsepublishing.com